Cat Adoption — Male or Female kitten

Cat adoption - Male or Female kitten ?

Prejudice destruction :

In the category “twist the neck with prejudices”, I decided in this article to talk about this question that comes up a lot when people want to adopt a cat : is it better that I adopt a male or female kitten? As we soon arrive at the periods of births and adoptions, I told myself that it was worth to write an article about this subject!

I often hear this sentence: “I was told to take a female because my other cat is a male, so that they would get along well”. Or “I was told there would be too much rivalry between two male cats”. (Of course I intervene in these cases because the two cats fight each other all the time!). More simply there is also the verse of “take a female you will see, they are more cuddly! “And the complete opposite also exists” males are more cuddly” well yeah they are not menstruating .

What would you think of new parents who would say “oh no, he’s a boy, he stinks at puberty …” or “oh no, it’s a girl; she’ll dirty all over the place»…? Everything that annoys us as a human is carried over to the cat (and other animal species for that matter!). Isn’t it time we finished?

Are Females are more cuddly than males ?

Regardless of the animal’s gender, it is the character that is at stake. The character and the conditions under which it grew up, and under which it lives with you. For example, a cat constantly disturbed during its naps by a child, will not be very prone to cuddling. It doesn’t matter whether he is male or female! On the other hand if you let your cat come to you at your own pace, that it is not punished, has no prohibitions, and that its environment is well adapted to its feline nature, then there are more chance for your little feline to be cuddled !

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